Project Development

Ener-Vate fully understands and appreciates the complex nature of managing decentralised energy projects, very often requiring the engagement of numerous stakeholders both internally and externally to the organisation across multiple disciplines. We have the determination, perseverance, innovation and passion required to deliver successful projects.

Ener-Vate can provide project development services to either lead and/or support our clients through the development processes into implementation, giving our clients the reassurance, comfort, knowledge and practical solutions founded from our established experience within this sector.

We have a breadth of knowledge and expertise within the sector and are able to develop projects that have a fair balance of risk/reward, are investable and deliver the desired outputs and objectives.

Ener-Vate have the ability and skills to lead / support clients in the following project development areas :

  • ESCo (Energy Services Company) development and establishment, procurement and contract negotiation
  • District Heating development, market engagement, procurement and contract negotiation
  • New Build residential and mixed-use developments
  • Retro-fit developments
  • Major Renewable Energy generation plant project leadership
How can we help you ?

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Ener-Vate takes district heating and decentralised energy out of the realms of theory and into reality.

Nick Roberts
Director, AXIS planning consultants