Ener-Vate Consultancy were commissioned by Peel Energy of Manchester to develop a Heat Network investment viability study as part of their scheme to build a 20MW Biomass Plant at Barton.

Barton/Trafford Park will use the ‘waste’ heat from the Biomass Plant electricity generating process to feed into a District Heating Network supplying heat to existing commercial and new build domestic and commercial customers.

Ener-Vate Consultancy is working with all stakeholders across the value chain, engaging with potential customers, optimising with the generator and producing financial model options to ensure the District Heat Project is technically and commercially viable for all parties. Our engagement also acknowledges our experience in the selection and appointment of a preferred commercial structure and development partners for the scheme by writing the tender documentation and interviewing the candidates.

Ener-Vate Consultancy has developed a commercial viability report for the heat network from identifying anchor loads, cost estimates for Capex and Opex, identified and produced a risk register and evaluated where risks best sit in the financial structure proposed.

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